856 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2309

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Moved in to 856 Manhattan Ave. #4 on 5/12.

I specifically asked the broker and landlord before moving in about bed bugs, both denied any history. Signed a lease that included the DBB-N (bed bug history) form, which legally has to be included, but said there was no history. As you can guess, bed bugs starting showing up a month after moving in, unfortunately I was unaware of this site until researching bed bugs. If only I knew before! Basically, they have no problem lying to your face to get

you to sign a lease. If it were not for the history on this site they probably would have blamed it on me. After months of trying to find a way out of the lease, getting bit, and minimal sleep, we got out of the lease. Scratch 3 months off our lives to this, it was a nightmare, the absolute worst living experience I ever had. I write this because their half ass attempts at getting rid of these resilient bugs is a joke and I feel sorry for the next person who moves in here because these things just don’t go away. We lost so much money, property, and most importantly an immense amount of time in this process.

Moved out 9/12.

see full report...

I am the building manager at 856 Manhattan Ave and I want to clarify that these 2 incidents were taken care of immediatly by our exterminator after we were notified.
I have reciepts and proof of these completed services.
These matters were NOT neglected.

Bed bugs in apartment 3L, not a ton, but they are there. Landlord is aware. Exterminator came and pretty much did nothing. We just moved out, didn't bring any with us thank god.

Bed Bugs discovered 2/4/2012. Also found out from the exterminator that they have been here before and the apartment below currently has them . Landlord signed the lease saying that no bedbugs have ever been reported here. Extermination is set for 2/6/2012. Fingers Crossed.

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