820 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2309

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I moved into 820 Manhattan Ave apt 4L in July of 2006. I LOVED this apartment. I was subletting from my friends who were moving abroad temporarily. They told me they'd had bedbugs in the apartment before, but that they threw out their furniture and dealt with it.

After about six months in the apartment, I started getting bites. I tried bug spray, then I bombed the apartment and finally I called an exterminator. That's when the s*#t hit the fan. There was no way I was willing to pay for the e

xterminator, so I called my friends abroad to ask them to contact the landlord and have the landlord pay for it. She (the landlord) hit the roof, as landlords tend to do when they have to spend money. It turns out that when I tried to bomb the apartment, it spread the bedbugs to the adjacent apartment. (This is because bug spray and bombing just makes bedbugs run away, in whatever direction. It does not kill them. Calling a professional exterminator is the best way to proceed.)

I moved out in a panic and never went back to the building. To her credit, the landlord was trying to get an exterminator to come to the building. But it did not happen before I moved out.

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