212 Kent St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2106

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Well, I lived here for 8 yrs in APARTMENT 2F and a new landlord took over by the name of Michael Christopher and the scumbag wouldn't take care of the bedbugs, even though it was the 3rd they've come back and it already had cost me tons of money. My roommmates moved out and I told him I couldn't afford the rent and he responded with court papers. I didn't even get to defend my case. Apparently, without a lawyer, I couldn't say shit. I did issue a ton of violations with 311/department of building

s and housing preservation but that doesnt do anything.
I'm now homeless from my home I had for 8yrs and this scumbag landlord is probably gonna paint over the place and charge more rent.

By the way, everyone in the building moved out cause of the bugs.

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we've had bedbugs off and on at this building for the last year. the landlord is trying to sell the building and not doing anything about it. it's already cost me roommates, time, stress, and money and i dont know what to do!

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