217 Kent St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2105

Found 2 reports:

i was the OP, but i just discovered that the bugs are at 212, not 217- i had the address wrong. sure enough there are a couple of reports about 212 kent from people who have lived there.

the building right on the corner of mcguinness and kent- pretty sure it\'s # 217:

i walk my dog by here every day. one day a few months ago, i noticed a lot of garbage outside, including some bedding. every day for a week or so after that there would be more garbage out- somebody was clearly moving out of their apartment. well maybe a week after that i noticed that there were \"for rent\" signs all over the windows. it looked like the building was empty and the landlord was trying to fill

it. and then i saw that somebody had written on the ground in sharpie marker out front \"bed bugs\" with an arrow pointing at the building. it also said \"bed bugs\" on the stoop.

it\'s now been months, and the building is still on the market- both for sale and for rent, with open houses now happening. i don\'t have any hard evidence that there are bedbugs in there, but i didn\'t want anyone to move in without checking it out first- the sharpie marker has since worn off!

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