986 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1607

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I am the landlord for this property. Since the tenant complain about the bed bugs, I started handling the problem right away. When things need to get done I handle the situtaion rightaway. If this tenant is so unhappy she is FREE to vacate the apartment. No one is forcing her to stay. This tenanats behave like we plant the bed bug there.

LL is spraying 3R. New occurrence in 2L LL is also spraying there. Still refuses to have all units inspected 6 tenants (3 with confirmed bugs) 2 biz on ground floor.

Fall 2009. LL treated 2R & 3R apts. 18 mos. bug free. May 2011, 4r resident moves out and leaves mattress. LL moves mattress in hallway until disposal. Request that LL inspect and treat 4Rs for bedbugs. LL discloses that 4R was treated for bugs in 2009 early 2010. Fact previously undisclosed to other occupants. LL does not treat 4R. 1 month later unexplained frequent movements of furniture in 3R. Next month 2R confirmed bites. LL refuses to tell all occupants. 1st treatment of 2R July 29th. 3R c

onfirms bites but refuses full treatment and inspection.

see full report...

Bugs discovered late Sept-early Oct. 6 unit building 2 storefronts. LL sprayed 2x in 1 apt. so far. Apt where infestation originated refused 2nd spray. No inspection of other units. Problem ongoing as of Dec 09.LL will continue treat...TBC.

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