185 Green St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1451

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My roommate reported on 9/11/09 that starting a couple of weeks ago (late Aug '09), he started seeing bites on his skin. He had an exterminator confirm his suspicions of an early-stage bedbug infestation.

In the last three weeks (early Sept '09), there are three other apartment buildings on my street that have put whole rooms full of infected stuff out on the street, and I have to wonder...don't they jump around or something, stick to shoes? What if someone brushed up against that stuff?

It seems to be spreading up the north side of Green Street in Greenpoint, between Manhattan and McGuinness Blvd, which really sucks. It's a great street. Last year, I didn't see any reports of bedbugs on this street, and now I'm doing my civic duty by adding my own (soon to be ex-) apartment building.

I'm praying they don't get to my room, which is the farthest in the house from my roommate's room, which is off the kitchen nearest the entry door.

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