1008 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1314

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This Building is infested with Bed bugs. The management were very slow to respond and took a lot of time and effort on our part to get them to get an exterminator out. It took over 2 weeks from the first sighting before they brought someone out. This place has a history of bed bugs and it seem management are negligent in tackling the problem properly and effectively. Some of the neighbors keep their apartments in an appalling condition, facilitating the spread of pests. What made matters worse w

as that these neighbors were also against allowing an exterminator into their units!!! Do not live here!!

see full report...

We are the management company for this building. We performed a thorough bedbug treatment, and the building has been free and clear of bedbugs since December 2010.

Luckily the bed bugs did not spread to all apartments on the 2nd floor. still ok in other apartments.

Bed Bugs have taken over this building. It has been 6 weeks and 4 treatments and my apartment is still not "clean".

DO NOT LIVE HERE. I lived in 2B and recognized the activity, the infestations are in the walls from 3B and 2A and moved my way. The tenets did not realize because they do not keep a clean home to begin with.

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