155 Huron St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1311

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funny how all the "I just rented an apt in this building" are all written in the same broken English as "Emmanuel." My son is friendly with a boy who lives in this building. ANY TIME my son has slept over said "friends" house, he has come home with NUMEROUS bites all over his body. We actually had found a bed bug in our apt guessing my son brought it home from this building. Luckily, we took care of it right away. After a few months, we took the chance to let my son sleep over a 155 Huron a


Came home COVERED in bites... Unfortunately we are not taking the chance allowing him to go over there anymore.

Stay FAR AWAY from this building..

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Response to anonymous 08/31/2011

I am new tenant in the apartment you lake to rent and I am very happy with that apartment. It is large apartment wooden floors nice windows clean new kitchen and bathroom. Inexpensive compering to others in Greenpoint. No bedbugs, no rodents the information you providing are false I think the landlord should take you to court I can be a witness.

Response to anonymous 08/31/2011

It is hard to defend someone against gossips. Dear anonymous with your busy schedule you find time to write long letter about something you never experience you never been a tenant in this building so what knowledge do you have, you spoke to one person who wants the apartment for her fried and happens that you were first, you were a natural competition. This building has ten’s of tenants happy ones otherwise they would not stay here. This apartment was

rented to the friend of the very same person you spoke to, they were laughing on you. The $200 was charged by my lawyer for lease he prepared for you, the fact that you never signed it does not change the fact that my lawyer spent time to prepare it. You dragged me 2 weeks back and for and I did not charged you a penny I think the letter is an appreciation for my kindness. If you do such a thing to any real state renting agency your money will be gone. I am not even angry with you I feel sorry for you and wish you luck.

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My roommates and I had the unfortunate pleasure of being conned into this building, much like many other people have. A 3 br place in the heart of Greenpoint for less than $2000 sounds too good to be true, right? But, you decide to check out the place and give it a chance, right? You see the apartment is pretty cute but the hallway, stairs etc are in absolute shambles. Oh, guess what... that isn't all there is. Yes, as a matter of fact, this apartment building REALLY is too good to be true.

We first met "Emmanuel" in mid June of 2011. We found the ad on Craigslist and immediately called him. We were the first people to see the place. Like I said, the hallway etc was a disaster, but we were running out of time with a July move-in date and the price, location, size etc was perfect for us. So, we jumped the gun and made an extremely dumb move. We paid him for 2 months worth of rent in cash on the spot. We gave him almost $4000. Of course, simply Googling the apartment results in nothing but horrendous reviews about this building. Luckily, we found this website the very next day. But the accusations on here were enough to send us packing... he sounded unfair, sketchy and downright threatening, so we knew we had to get our money back in the fastest and calmest manner possible. Thus began our phone tag game with "Emmanuel".

We first made a trip to 155 Huron to speak to the tenants who were moving out of the apartment we were set to take. We only spoke to one tenant, but they informed us they had lived in the apartment for 6 months and had to spray for bed bugs twice. They also clued us in on the terrible mice infestation (we were unaware of this, only the bed bug issue). The tenant then continued to explain that Emmanuel is "off his rocker" and he is entirely aware of the infestation in the building, knows all of his tenants are aware, but refuses to do anything. The tenant then pointed out that it's a cheap place and we would just have to accept the risk. WRONG!!! This tenant's testimonial was all we needed to hear to reassure us we had to go after him.

We spent the next few days planning how we would explain to him what happened (he kept making appointments with us, but cancelling them which is why it took us several days to meet with him). We also had a friend draw up legal documents to show him. As I hope you know, it is illegal for a landlord, super, realtor etc to not inform a potential tenant of any bed bug history not only in the apartment, but also the building or home. So, yes... Emmanuel broke the law by not letting us know the real history of 155 Huron.

Our meeting with him went surprisingly better than expected, but he did attempt to say it was our fault for not asking "why the apartment was so cheap". Oh, OKAY. Despite him not threatening us or tearing up our receipt like a few of these posts have mentioned, he still made a dick move by telling us we were causing him distress for backing out of the lease (we hadn't signed nor looked at a lease at this point). So, he said he would refund the first month's rent, but hang on to the other $2000 we gave him for security in case he couldn't find tenants to replace us. YEAH, RIGHT! We kept calling him to ask him how the search was going. He was either very elusive or didn't answer. Eventually, we got a call back and he did find tenants (in less than a week, mind you). We were asked to come to his office to retrieve the rest of the money in cash. We met him at his office, which is equally as sketchy as the building and also located in Greenpoint, and he then explained to us he would be keeping $200 for being a nuisance. At this point, we had been dealing with this dude for almost 2 weeks while still seeing a hundred different apartments, working full time etc. We were exhausted. We didn't care anymore. What's $200 compared to $4000? We complied with him. It was over.

There were a million different ways we could have went about this. But, we decided to take the high road and keep our cool the entire time. It really benefited our situation. We didn't hound him with phone calls and we explained everything to him rationally. I must say, we were pretty terrified of what could have happened. We were planning for the worst, which was obviously him running away with 4k, and things ended up running smoothly. I am not advocating "do business with this man" by any means, but I do want to inform anyone reading this that he isn't entirely unreasonable. Yeah, this dude is the epitome of shady and completely off his rocker, but if he was a total asshole, my roommates and I would be $4000 poorer and without a place to live.

My advice to anyone, stay the hell away from this building. It is not worth the money you will be saving in rent when it comes to spraying for bugs and bringing in rodent trappers every few weeks. My advice to anyone currently living in the building, GET YOUR HEAD CHECKED.

*** And for anyone who is interested... yes, the majority of the accusations about Emmanuel on here are correct. He does have another SUPER polish name he goes by. He does have his wife/girlfriend/whatever living in the apartment with him along with what appeared to be a 6 year old and A BABY. He conducts his business out of his office, which is also in Greenpoint. His apartment is just as destroyed as the others in the building. He WILL deny any infestation in the building and blame it on previous tenants. He will assure you whatever infested the apartment before has been taken care of. But most importantly, he WILL blame the issue on you. You've been warned.

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I just came across the testimonials on this site and I am disgusted with the ones that say there are no bedbugs in this building. The reason I moved out after only a few months is because me and my roommates were being eaten alive by bedbugs and not to mention probably being exposed to toxins from all of the mouse feces and pee. This building is a dump and it is run by the sketchiest person I have ever dealt with. What a terrible apartment that was and I am just glad I have moved on to a place f

it for humans. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The 4 or 5 most current posts below this, defending the bedbug situation, are clearly written by the same person. SHAME ON YOU... My favorite is the Greg character who says "email me if you want to talk to a real tenant"... I wonder how long it took the landlord to set up "Greg" with an email account? 30 seconds?

If you decide to move here and find your life turned upside down by the horrific bed bug problem in this building -- not to mention the CRIMINAL landlord running this operation -

- suit yourself. You've been warned.

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My name is Anna and I live in this building Apt 9 for 10 Years I do not have any bedbugs,so I was surprised when Landlord told me about Bedbug reports. Those reports must be false.

My land lord informed me about bedbugs reports in his building howener I live here for 6 years and never have any problem with bedbugs. I think that those reports are false. Suzi

Mr. Anonymous on 02/28/2011 my name is John Barotti. I would like to invite you to my apartment and if you are man say to my face that I am “poor sucker”. We do not have any bedbugs in our apartment and all the accusations are completely false.

In response to announcement “Anonymous on 06/08/2011 We lived on the top floor of this building and noticed tape around the floor boards, after removing, our apt. was filled with bed bugs from under the floors!” it is false. My name is Greg Winsor my e mail is [email protected] I live on the top floor for last 4 years and I never had any bedbugs problem. I was shock when my landlord informed me about the anonymous announcement. I am not anonymous I am actual tenant if anyone h

as any questions please email me. It is malicious and should be punished by law to put false announcement in somebody’s name.

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We live in apt 6. We thought that we find a bedbug in our apartment but it was not a bedbug. The owner was very supportive he arranged for the professional service to come and take care of the problem, however after close examination it was not bedbug. We are very pleased with the owner and the apartment

We lived on the top floor of this building and noticed tape around the floor boards, after removing, our apt. was filled with bed bugs from under the floors! Other tenants were also moving out because of bed bugs at the same time. The landlord denies that there is a problem and kept our security deposit, as well as other tenants, claiming that "we must have brought them in from another building". Our neighbors then informed us that the people who lived in our apt. before us moved out due to bed

bugs when originally the landlord claimed they moved due to having jobs elsewhere.
We found out through another tenant that he has them in his own apt. and has a baby and they "don't seem to bother" him. But refused to admit this fact to us.
Bottom line, the building is INFESTED! And the landlord refuses to address the problem even with the new laws in affect, and threatened to sue us when we tried to involve the health department in order to retrieve our security deposit.

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Just after two days after I moved in - I got bed bug bites.

I came from a bed bug free apartment prior, and was told there were never any problems. But there are!

The building is completey infested.
No matter how much I have cleaned and sprayed, they keep creeping back in.

The landlord is MIA!


I was looking to move into this place in November of this year. It seemed like a great deal, so I put a cash deposit down on it when I met with the owner, who told me his name was Emmanuel. After doing so, I spoke with a broker who I had been working with, who told me that the place was "infested". After double checking on this website, I let Emmanuel know that I had reservations about moving in.

He told me that he understood that I was hesitant, and that he would try to have someone else re

nt it.

I never heard back from him. After continuously following up he told me that he had indeed rented the apartment to some other poor suckers. Said that I should swing by to get my deposit back, and to be sure to bring the contract.

When I saw him, he told me that he would give me the money upstairs in the vacant apartment. Upon arriving in the apartment, he grabbed the contract from me, tore it up, and told me that he would not refund the deposit.

After further research, I discovered that this guy also goes by the name of Paul Tchernitsky. He is a super sketch guy, runs some other shady businesses in the neighborhood. I looked into pursuing legal action, but in the end didn't think it would be worth it for just 600 bucks.

I would avoid this place at all costs. Not only for the potential of bedbugs, but also because Paul/Emmanuel is super sketch.

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Late December 2010 I have realized that the bed bug problem in this building is unstoppable. The last two weeks has been the worst time of my life...waking up EVERYDAY with new bed bug bites. The landlord has had his handyman spray our apartment a couple of times but it's clearly not a professional job. At first I thought it was possibly the furniture in my room but after throwing almost all of it away I now know its the building. I understand that bed bugs can spread quickly in an apartment bui

lding but that's no excuse to not have a professional come and spray all units. I have been cleaning my room like crazy and using multiple home remedies with little results. I have spent many nights without sleep since that has been the only way I haven't gotten more bites. WHATEVER YOU DO...DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING!!!

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OMG!!! this building is so over-run with bedbugs i had to move and i didnt get my deposit back. the whole place is infested to the point that its impossible to get rid of the bugs without spraying the entire building, which the landlord is unwilling to do. ive talked to other tenants in the building, the problem has persisted for a LONG TIME. do not move in to this building unless you want to suffer.

Early December 2010 it became apparent that the entire building had bed bugs. We believe they were in the walls. Land lord was pretty much MIA. They did have some of the apartments sprayed, but not all of them. The exterminator was moon lighting, and couldn't come every 2 weeks like we wanted. I loved living in Greenpoint, but the bed bug situation there is out of control. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

One bed bug spotted in top floor apartment. Still unsure if the landlord will pay for a professional to come in. In the mean while all three roommates are treating their bedrooms with "Results."

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