119 Huron St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1311

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Bed Bug Infestations have occurred in multiple units of this building. The Landlord has hired an exterminator that has done a questionable job (no follow up until new bites occur, no instruction on how to manage infestation in personal belongings and no guidance whatsoever). The problem has not been resolved.

We lived on the top floor of this building and noticed tape around the floor boards, after removing, our apt. was filled with bed bugs from under the floors! Other tenants were also moving out because of bed bugs at the same time. The landlord denies that there is a problem and kept our security deposit, as well as other tenants, claiming that "we must have brought them in from another building". Our neighbors then informed us that the people who lived in our apt. before us moved out due to bed

bugs when originally the landlord claimed they moved due to having jobs elsewhere.
We found out through another tenant that he has them in his own apt. and has a baby and they "don't seem to bother" him. But refused to admit this fact to us.
Bottom line, the building is INFESTED! And the landlord refuses to address the problem even with the new laws in affect, and threatened to sue us when we tried to involve the health department in order to retrieve our security deposit.

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OMG!!! this building is so over-run with bedbugs i had to move and i didnt get my deposit back. the whole place is infested to the point that its impossible to get rid of the bugs without spraying the entire building, which the landlord is unwilling to do. ive talked to other tenants in the building, the problem has persisted for a LONG TIME. do not move in to this building unless you want to suffer.

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