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I live in 3 E and have been contending with bedbugs for the last several weeks. I alerted management and was immediately given helpful tips for isolating clothing and other materials in order to manage the affected areas. The super was prompt and helpful in helping to spray the apartment, although I was told it was protocol for this to happen twice before an exterminator could come in. The second time was today, although I have been bitten since the first time and it is incredibly uncomfortable.

I didn't want to say anything until the entire situation was resolved, although I do want to say that it is incredibly unfortunate that someone is going around telling people in the apartment that new tenants are responsible for bringing bedbugs into the apartment. It is very difficult to isolate the exact source of bedbugs and as NYC is currently experiencing a bedbug epidemic even in retail locations, I think it is unfair and wrong to inform other tenants that the reason they are being sprayed is because of new tenants. I have lived in other apartments and have never had a problem with bedbugs. Clearly, this building has had problems with bugs from time to time. My mattress has never been infected before nor have I ever been bit by bedbugs. I have been here since January and only started having problems in late June. The fact that there are bugs is not wholly terrible, but I really regret hearing that this misinformation has been spread. Hopefully the bedbug situation will be resolved soon and I will be able to wake up without bites on me.

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I have been living in this building for four years and have to say I love it. The Super and management have been excellent- courteous and timely. In terms of bedbugs/ I was sprayed for preventative precuations due to new tenants moving in and infecting the building. I can't blame the Super for the infestations and can only say that I have seen exterminators go to Apt 1C in the past months.

After 2 consecutive, awful bite attacks, found
bedbugs in late May/June 2010 in Apt #1C after moving into the apartment in October 2009.

After calling management company, they had the Super spray the bed and room where the bugs were found with a spray "poison".(they were coming out of the baseboards). There were probably 30 bugs found at the time of this spray.

I have owned the bed for several years and NEVER had a problem with it until moving to this apartment.

I replaced all of my

bedding and thoroughly re-sprayed everything. The management company told me that the super needed to take action first before they set up an appointment for an exterminator. (What??! These are bedbugs! Call the exterminator! Now!)

I was skeptical that the spray would actually take care of the problem -- bedbugs breed quickly and lay eggs that you usually cannot see. Unsurprisingly, the bugs returned in less than a week.

This building also has one of the worst Supers I've EVER dealt with. He does a quick, crappy job, is rarely around when you need him and it always seems like he can't wait to get out of doing whatever work you need done.

I'm moving.

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We got bit by bed bugs in the summer of 2008, and after talking to our neighbors we found that our neighbors' apartments had all been infested as well. We also have some other bugs, too, but we definately have the bed bugs. We collected them and compared them to ones in my sister's apt, she also had them.

Overall though, this is a terrible building. My ceiling in my bathroom and my hall collapsed, and also a wall collapsed, all in the same month (Feb 2008). This was because sewage was coming

through the ceiling.

My super told me to pay a handyman he did business with to fix the wall and take it out of my rent, but then they made me eat the charges of $300--even after the landlord came by and the super said, in front of me, "I told her she could take it out of her rent." Nice.

also mice and roaches.

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