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Should start by saying that our landlord is super nice, but in denial. He really does not want to admit there is a problem in the building.

We moved in at the beginning of August. 4 Days into the new apartment my partner had several bites and we caught some bugs and killed them. Landlord did not believe us, even when we showed him the bugs. Then he blamed us (we had no problems previous). He tried to hire someone under the table and caulked the top of our floor boards. I freaked out. We calle

d Arrow exterminating and he split the cost with us (i paid, then took the money out of our rent).

We washed and cleaned all of our clothing and threw away every cardboard box in the apartment. They came and vacuumed and sprayed 3 different types of poison in the apartment. They bagged our mattress and the box spring and pillows. They found bugs nesting in the baseboards of the apartment and on/in the radiator pipes.

Now it is sept. last week, we started to get bit again. Arrow has a guarantee so they came back and sprayed again. They checked the apartment and said the problem is in the building, not with us. There are no bugs on our mattress or in the bedframe.

we have signed up for Arrow's monthly service because we can not afford to move again right now. we have not talked to the landlord yet about what will be done about it. There are only 6 apartments in the building (including the landlord) so i hope it all gets resolved soon.

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