1090 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1011

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I lived at this address, in Apt 2f, from September 2006 to September 2007. I found bed bugs on my bed some time in 2007. I asked the landlord to deal with it and he brought over some weak spray in a aerosol can. I protested and insisted that he get a real exterminator. He resisted so I threatened to report him to the Dept of Health. I found an exterminator myself - Absolute Death, they were great. They came twice, put down three different types of poisons, even injected one into the wall!

I also did "Integrated Pest Management" and cleaned all my stuff, my entire apt, and caulked all the cracks in my bedroom. But the exterminator said that if the entire building wasn't treated the bugs would just come back. I asked around to other apts, and at least 3 others reported that they too had bed bugs. One of them was my super in 3f!!! So I moved out. I tried to leave tell tale signs around so prospective tenants could be fully informed but the apt got rented. And now the landlord is putting a laundromat in on the first floor! Do not live in or go to this building!!!

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the dates are sept. 07 - nov. 09. apt. 2f & by speaking to the other tenants we also know 4f have them.
i have had 4 episodes in 2 years where my girlfriend gets covered in bites. we then search the bedding floor and walls around the bed and always find 1 or 2 of them. the landlord will then spray chemicals himself ( no extirminator) and then she's full of bites again within a matter of months.

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