1084 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1011

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May 2009-July 2009 I had encountered bed bugs in this apartment. I moved in aug 2008 already paranoid about getting bed bugs because of all the stories I had heard about greenpoint but thought I would be in the clear just because it was a small building with only 4 tenants and a pet shop on the first floor. I was wrong.. . . I started getting bits the minute the weather got warm in the springtime and thought maybe i just needed to fog my apartment. hoping that fleas somehow jumped two flights fr

om the pet shop below. .. Went to the dermatologist and they said... i needed to get an exterminator in. The exterminator came in and checked but could not find any bugs. day after day i kept on getting more and more bites. they would last for about a week and a half each bite. I still have scars of the 'breakfast lunch and dinner' that I scratched. The exterminator finally found one baby and one adult bedbug the 2nd time. Not an infestation. but a few was enough! Luckily it doesnt seem to have spread to the other tenants but we had the house sprayed, steamed and caulked. but at the end of it..with no sleep, paranoia, constant washing of laundry and throwing away all my furniture. I found out later that the tenant before had bed bugs too but after the extermination none of the holes were caulked alongside the walls. and with vintage hardwood floors... they can always sleep for a year before coming back....
someone was crazy enough to move in after me with the knowledge of bed bugs.. Worst ever experience in the world...

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