388 Throop Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221-1443

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Saw One! Those critters are hard to smash! Saw the little bugger last week under my mattress cover. I shake my covers EVERY day to remove ANYthing! Said...well - this si one that must have gotten in through the wall.(they live there too, you know). Then yesterday morning, I saw two! Well, I took all the bedding off and went to the laundry mat washed and HOT dried all of it! Then I went to the store and bought a $25.00 bottle of BED BUG & tick killer.
I sprayed my entire bedroom around th

e floorboard, 2wall sockets and radiator. Then, I sprayed my bed. I don't have a roach, mouse or rat in this apartment (lived here 3 years...next to the compactor room). Never had a little bugger problem before and I hope this nips it in the bud!

By the way, I've been told by other tenants in this building that we are infested~! I told management yesterday about this problem and their staff member replied, "Why should we pay for the extermination? Who brought them here? RUDE! Five star hotels, exclusive cruise liners, City, State and Federal buildings, private and public transportation, brand new underwear from Victoria's Secret, the person standing right next to you right now DUMMY! Get a clue ------. I'm not naming the housing development company...YET. Just hope they take ownership and responsibility for their obligation for "SAFE and affordable housing."

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