464 Jefferson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221-1006

Found 2 reports:

In rebuttal to this TENANT's report of a bug infestation in his rented-room at this location...
These false claims need to be URGENTLY clarified.

Truthfully, he came in to our property and BROUGHT these disgusting creatures with him because he acquired his bed and other furnishings from a posted Craigslist adv.

We (property owners), need to become more educated and aware of prospective new tenants taking occupancy of spaces on our property.... and, being aggressively PRO-ACTIVE about how

we proceed in renting to to tenants.

I can assure you, that we are on to NYC's Housing Guidelines and procedures as they pertain to these and other matters!

For that matter, at present, our 2 (long-term)tenants have issued no complaints, nor have they informed us of any sightings of bed-bugs in their space/s since living here.

However, we take very precaution to try and avoid any infestation of bed-bugs, roaches rodents and other vermin onto our property...

We will continue to remain vigilant and steadfast to stay bug-free.

Best Luck to all!
~The Management

see full report...

Returned on Jan 1, 2008 from holiday vacation to find bed bugs in my room, the 2nd floor rear room.

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