6817 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11220-6009

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i went to the Alpine on 9/26/15 and came home with a bite on my arm. I think it's was from a bed bug

I went too alpine when i notice a bite mark on my thumb my girlfriend got bitten on her chest i quickly picked up my phone for light and saw a bed bug on her lap we got our refund manager knows about it try to quickly get us out before we made a stink in public about it

I went to the Alpine theatre on the 22 March, 2012, which was pretty dirty incidentally. The next day I developed extremely allergic reactions to a series of bites along my side. There have been no bites since so there are no bedbugs in my apartment, and the only other place I'd been to was the Alpine.

I went to Alpine movie Theater on August 21st, 2011 and left with an arm full of bites! The manager denied even the possibility of bed bugs, but I see this has happened to other people! AVOID !!!!!

I am an employee at the Alpine Cinema. About three hours into my shift on the 16th of July, 2010, my left leg became to itch incessant;y. I scratched, not thinking anything of it. I noticed bumps appearing on my leg, and within ten minutes counted 9 bites ranging from just above the back of my knee down to the middle of my calf.

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