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Brooklyn, NY 11217-2707

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I'm a former tenant who has yet to comment on the issues at 563 Warren Street, and feel I should add a little context. I first encountered an outbreak of bedbugs in July of 2011. The landlord put me in touch with the Topco exterminators. The exterminators only came once (despite my efforts to have them come a second time when the problems persisted). The Topco exterminators were extremely rude on the phone - it's very rarely I am treated in such an unprofessional manner. I had to move out becau

se the issues with the bedbugs were unresolved after several months of effort. This was on a different floor than the commenter from #1L, and it predates all the issues in the comments listed below. I, of course, cannot speak to the current conditions in the building - so just wanted to add some more information to the discourse.

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As of today there are still bed bugs in the building. They have come and gone now for several months. The landlord has been much more responsive to concerns, but the problem has yet to be completely resolved.

At the following link (http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/materials_minerals_pdf/busweb.pdf) you may lookup our exterminator's info on the Department of Environmental Conservation website:
13815 2/28/2014

Our exterminator is licensed, experienced and knows what he's doing. He's using the right chemicals properly. This disgruntled tenant left the building months ago; I don't know what possesses her to continue to defame t

he building.
We have attacked the problem agressively and believe the building to be bug free -- as much as can be guaranteed in this day and age in NYC. I am in close contact with all the tenants, and the exterminator and I stand ready to react immediately should the problem resurface, G-d forbid.

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I already moved out of the apartment because of the issue, but one thing the tenants are not saying is that the exterminators the landlord is using is NOT LICENSED! This means they could be spraying who-knows-what chemicals and pesticides to eradicate the problem, but there are two major issues with this. (1) whatever they are using is not working and (2) the chemicals could be hazardous to humans. This is why the state provides exterminating licenses in the first place - for public health. If y

ou live in 563 Warren Street I would demand to your landlord that he uses a company that is licensed, provide the license info, and if not - take him to housing court. This is a major health matter.

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I have lived in the apartment for over 5 months now, and I feel that both our landlord and super are doing all that they can to adequately handle the situation. Our landlord has been in constant contact with me, checking in regularly by phone and email. The exterminator has also come to our apartment several times, and is willing to address all the problems we present. It is clear that our landlord wants a bedbug free building just as much, if not more, than we do.

I feel that the landlord handled the bedbug situation in an efficient manner. I have been living in the building since 1996 and he has always been cooperative in taking care of everything that needed to be handled in a professional, time sensitive manner. He addressed the problem vigorously and there is presently no evidence of any bedbugs in the building, this is the first episode of bedbugs in the building since I have been living there that I am aware of.

Last week the exterminator did get into all apartments, and he was very coperative. All apartments were treated and they have taken an integrated approach by asking the tenants to keep clean and not have any clutter. The exterminator or the landlord cannot clean everyone's laundry. In addition there isnt currently a single apartment today in the building that hasnt been treated. No bugs were found last week but as a percaution the landlord had every apartment treated.

The problem mentioned by previous posters still persists as of today. Most apartments in the building have been sprayed multiple times, but not all, at least partially due to the reluctance on another tenant's part. The landlord seems to be making an effort, but is not being nearly thorough enough. While the pest control company he hires *is* licensed, they are NOT using an integrated approach and have been highly unsatisfactory. Upon raising these concerns to the landlord, he has been unrespons

ive in changing his approach.

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I concur that the problem was not handled appropriately because it took way too long to get the apartments sprayed causing the bugs to move from one apartment to the next. The exterminator was also rude and dismissive of my concerns. I also do not think he did a thorough job spraying my apartment.

We have and are currently dealing with bedbugs in one of the apartments in this building. The landlord is extremely slow to act, uncooperative, and always on religious "holiday" so it's difficult to get anything done - especially since it's important to act swiftly. The exterminators he hired are NOT licensed and we have no idea what chemicals they're spraying and soaking our apartment with. He also has not had the other apartments inspected as required by law and requested by us. Think twice be

fore moving into this building!!!!!!!

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