259 Wyckoff St
Brooklyn, NY 11217-2311

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I wrote the first log about this building. It's been 11 months I am still dealing with bedbugs as it's an issue with the building as a whole. I've had 6 exterminator treatments, my clothes are still in plastic containers and I still have to be persistent about keeping my things separated from bedroom to living room.

I am finally moving out of this building as my lease ends February 1, 2011. Anyone looking to move into Unit 3 of this building, beware! You will deal with bedbugs as other tenant

s are not treating their apartment. The unit above me has had exterminator treatments and they are no longer having problems. My apartment still needs a lot of work as there are cracks on the floors and walls. The super lived in my unit and they did a horrible job fixing it up before I moved in. The management office claims they cannot enforce the tenants to get treatment so there is nothing they can really do to fix the problem. So good luck to the next person moving into this unit.

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Moved in February 1, 2010. Received bites 13 days after I moved into the unit. I moved in without any furniture so there is no way I brought them with me. All my furniture was recently purchased from Ikea.

Since my complaint to the management company, exterminators have come every 2 weeks for the past 3 months. I went 3 weeks between my 2nd and 3rd treatment, without any bites, then received more than 12 new bites between the hours of 1am-6am, Monday, April 19.

I called the exterminators

immediately, and made an appointment for Tuesday, April 20. the exterminator, himself, didn't understand how these bugs survived the past 3 treatments. my entire room, closets, living room, and furniture have been treated, for the 4th time. All exterminators who treated my unit, mentioned treating my apt before I moved in, so that is proof the unit had bedbugs prior to my moving in.

I am still living with all my clothes and shoes in plastic containers and have yet to settle in my new place.

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The apartment below me got bed bugs a few weeks ago and while they were being treated some of them came upstairs to my apartment. I found only dead ones but did wake up one morning with bites on my left arm. We are now having the exterminator come to our apartment just to be safe.

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