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We were notified by tenants from another apartment in the building that they had bedbugs. As a result, the landlord hired this sketchy exterminator to deal with the problem. We took preventative measures but two months later, they had spread to multiple apartments, including mine. The sketchy exterminator came back multiple times with no resolution. The landlord did NOT notify the City's health services department so a subsequent phone call from a tenant in the building was made, however, th

e call was rebuffed because the individual that called was not the landlord. Thus, it is still unreported to this day. After constant complaining, the landlord hired another exterminator who seemed very reputable, however, even his hiring was sketchy because he only came in evenings and on weekends leading me to believe it was a side job because he would have been required to report it to the City otherwise. This exterminator did, however, find the source... and it was shocking. An upstairs apartment had over 300 bugs in a box spring... and the tenant had NO idea. At any rate, it seemed like the problem had been fixed after a few visits, however, after a month of no problems... the bugs were back. At that point, we decided we were done and we through away most of our furniture, mattress included, washed and cleaned everything (for the 4th or 5th time), bagged up all sanitized clothing etc... and moved into another apartment. We lived in constant fear for months afterwards thinking about "what if we brought them with us"... but what else were we supposed to do? Let's face it... you can never really be sure. I'm happy to report that everything worked out. We have had no problems and it has been a year since we moved out.

As a side note, this all went down from April 2009 until October 2009 when we moved out. I know of at least 2 other tenants that moved out as well. The crazy thing is... we only found 1 bug in our apartment during that time. ONE bug... and I found it crawling across my pillow right before bed one night. But we had the bites to prove they were there.

Current status... I have no idea. Lessons learned... report it to the City and make sure that the landlord is held accountable. The City needs all the help they can get to fight the problem.

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