497 Dean St
Brooklyn, NY 11217-2115

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DO NOT MOVE IN THIS BUILDING!!! There is a lot of bed bugs. I've been suffering from these bites as long as I lived in that building - and it is painfull. Besides bedbugs,there are a lot of mice. A LOT OF THEM. There is no peace and they run all over - counters, closets, floor - they are everywhere and they distroy everything as well. Not even to mention about rats - all basement is full of it and the smell coming from the basement is horrible. The worst part - THE LANDLORD. He just dont care ab

out nobody. We didnt have heat in this building in the middle of the winter then it was the coldest nights of the winter. It was so depressing - I got so sick that I thought I will never get better. It was so bad and then there is a situation he would not answer his phone. Not even to mention that we got heat one month an half later than the whole entire city. It was a bad one year and half in life as far as living situation. I moved out and it is still sometimes hard to believe that I dont have to deal with these circumstances. It feels good to live in a nice building. Do yourself a favor< and dont let this happen to you. Care for your health ( mice bedbugs rats - it brings a lot of diseases) and for your life (hear mice and rats all night long everynight, have everything eaten, and mice s****t all over, and finally when lay down-be eaten to death by bedbugs). JUST DONT DO IT FOR YOURSELF.

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Just walked past this building and there are at least 6 mattresses on the sidewalk marked "bed bugs" I crossed to the other side of the street.

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