467 Pacific St
Brooklyn, NY 11217-1811

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This co-op building has a very serious bedbug problem. There is one particular apartment that is badly infested on the first floor, and is causing the problem for the entire building. As the tenant has been living there for years there are bedbugs living in the walls. I rented one of the units for a year (2011-2012), and our apartment got infested. We had it treated twice before I moved out. Apparently the apartment is currently infested again (Feb 2013), and is currently being treated. The land

lord lied to us about the presence of bedbugs when we moved in, but apparently the tenants before us had moved out also because of infestation. Multiple other units have gotten bedbugs, one after another. This is a recurring issue, and while they are doing their best to deal with it as a co-op, it likely will not be resolved imminently, at least until the problem tenant on the first floor is removed (which is unlikely given that he owns his unit).

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