992 Bergen St
New York, NY 11216

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It all started in January when my son kept telling me that he has red marks and itching on his arm. Well I knew it couldn't be mosquitos so we thought it was allergic reaction to detergent. Come to find out the lady downstairs through out a mattress and it had bedbugs on it with further inspection. The exterminator came out and did their thing but a reoccurrence happened in May and again in August! I'm fed up and disgusted with this whole ordeal! I have bites, my husband has bites and I even gav

e my cat to a shelter because we couldn't find the root of the investation. We bought a new sofa, mattress and box spring. I don't know what else to do. I'm spending an enormous amount of money on the laundry.

Please help if you have any ideas or solutions to keep them away.

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