807 Saint Johns Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11216-4208

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All I can say after living at this coffin-sized dump for one year is that the landlord is worse than the bedbugs.

I must be one of the two tenants mentioned in the 5/18/11 post who hadn't informed others of the infestation. I had a couple of conversations with other tenants shortly after this began, between the two treatments my unit received in May. At that time I'd been told by the landlord that the exterminator was making inspection rounds through every unit in the building, so I had believed in good faith that other tenants knew about the situation. Though I can see now it was silly not to have assumed

the landlord would be cutting every possible corner.

As of a routine exterminator visit this morning, I estimate six BB-free weeks in my unit, which never had an infestation close to the one described in the post of 7/19 (by the way, as I understand it, the landlord's failure to disclose bedbug problems during a lease signing is a violation of NY law).

The exterminator told me this morning that other units are currently being treated for BBs. But since the whole building isn't being treated at once - just units where tenants raise a complaint - the question is if any of our apartments can stay clean for long.

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Landlord conveniently didn't tell me, before signing the lease, about the infestation, which is out of control! I moved in July 1 and tried to sleep here. Bedbugs were everywhere - crawling on the bed, up the walls, there were tons of them, it was so disgusting. I spoke to some of my neighbors in the building, and it turns out it's been infested for a while - months before the first report on here. I wish I knew about this site sooner.

hahahahahaah omg that is the funniest thing i have ever heard. you mean biggest slumlord, right?

I just saw someone complaining on this building and on the landlord; I most say that it is probably a mistake because this is the nicest landlord I ever met.

atleast two of our neighbors have had sightings and been having their apartments treated only they didn't notify other people in the building! Atleast one other tenant has been getting bitten. The landlord was fully aware and didn't inform us. When I notified him he said he plans to treat only the units that see them which is obviously not how you get rid of the situation. He is a slumlord piece of shit, do not move in here!!

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