88 Rogers Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11216-3911

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I had my laundry picked up- washed- dropped off by Island Bubbles. Bed bugs were transported from someone elses laundry or the store into my laundry. I found bed bugs in laundry that had just come back from Island Bubbles but it was already too late. I very quickly had a horrible infestation, this happened August 1st 2011. I am still having treatments done in my apartment to get rid of them. Laundry is picked up from everywhere, all transported in the same car co-mingling. Then at the laund

romat the same tables are used for clean/dirty laundry and used by everyone. Having had experienced a bed bug infestation, I only hope that this might help someone avoid an infestation. I wish I had seen something to discourage me from using their laundry service, this has been and still is an extrordinarily expensive, time consuming, miserable experience.

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