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For the past week I've been getting mosquito like bites on the bottom half of my body but never thought too much of it. I've always been very sensitive to insect bites (so sensitive that specific spider bites etc cause cellulitis). The first bites were 3 on my back neck. The next day 3 on my elbow, one on my ankle (rear Achilles heel) , and one on my arm. Now I knew something was wrong. Still thinking it was possibly a spider i ignored it. So last night i was sitting on the toilet and notice a b

ug crawling on a t-shirt my I had hanging on the bathroom door. I've seen so many pictures of bedbugs i noticed it Instantly. the flatness round rear end etc.. I freaked. I sprayed it with insecticide to kill it and put it in a plastic bag for proof. Im calling the building management in an hour to report it. It explains it all. I've been doing lots of scratching, bites, and not sleeping well. Im always so careful. Not sitting on the subway or wooden benches, etc. In the meantime while the building management contacts an bedbug specialized exterminator Im going to bomb the apartment (insecticide fogger of some kind ill search for at store) then get a insecticide barrier spray to spray the crevices of my entire apartment and bed. Then cover my mattress with bed bug protector cover and take all my clothes to the laundry to wash in hot water and 2 cycles of drying on high heat.

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