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We got bedbugs in our apartment in August 2011 - we were able to deal with the problem ourselves although management did send over their "exterminator" by that I am referring to the guy who makes the rounds once every 6weeks or so and sprays (I imagine) for cockroaches. He is most definitely not a bedbug specialist.
When I first reported to management we had bedbugs they did not believe me. After insisting it was the case they agreed to send over their guy. He confirmed we had bedbugs. By that

time though we had had everything exterminated.
The landlord did nothing to notify the other tenants and made no effort at all to spray the apartments around us (as I believe you are supposed to do).
We no longer have an infestation and have been bedbug free. The only reason we have not gotten the bugs again is because we have diatomaceous earth dust lining all the wall/ceiling joints and have double sided tape tape around all of our outlets. We also have the feet of our furniture sitting in little tupperware dishes of baby oil. Also, we keep our clothes in sealed containers. So far, it has worked.
HOWEVER, I have started seeing bedbugs on one of the walls, the original wall where they first got into our apartment. I am going to call management to notify them but I know they probably won't do a thing. Also - we are moving in 4weeks so I just want to make sure we don't take them with us.

I feel sorry for whomever moves in after us!

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