328 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11216-2412

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I noticed bites in the winter, but I work away from home from Jan-Apr, so I didn't think much. When I started living full time again, I immediately noticed patches of itchy red bumps, some were so bad I got large bruises. I first thought poison ivy, than mosquitos. When I saw a news show about bed bugs I looked them up online and realized immediately.

I notified Ahmed Hossain, my landlord of four years, at 328 Halsey Street, Apt.2, Brooklyn, NY 11216, and he acted like I was making it up. He

also likes to pretend he can't speak English, when he can understand me very well at other times and speaks clearly. Later, he blamed me for bringing them in, even though they are in the walls, everywhere in the building. After a month of trying myself, I threatened to move and he finally had the terminix man in who explained the procedure and I worked tirelessly getting everything ready. I called the terminex man later with a question, to find out my landlord had not hired him. I immediately contacted the landlord and told him not to bring in anyone but the agreed upon company. He said terminex was coming. The nex day, he shows up with a kid with a spray can and no steamer. They proceeded to unzip my enclosed mattress and leave it that way. He squirted some stuff around the room and was done in five minutes. At this time July 13, 2010, I reported him to the city. I then left for a few days (2-3) and returned to find my gas had been shut off because "the people upstairs said I moved". I think it was a scare tactic, but regardless, I can't go on vacation? I then filed another complaint for the contuing bed bug infestation and his behavior. The inspector came and cited him for bed bugs. I rewturned home the next day to find an eviction notice on my door, typed by him. When I told him I will be out by the date stated and as the apartment became uninhabitable before my last months rent, I was not liable. He suddenly said, Your not evicted, forget about the letter, I'll call some one this week. I have lost months of my life, most of my belongings and my peace of mind because of this man. He also proceeded to tell me a story of bugs he got on his genitals from using a restroom. Implying what? There is no comparison. He continues to deny there are bugs in other units, but my apartment is so completely infested, in the walls, I do not believe it. I paid the rent on time for four years and thats how I was treated. I am now moving and I don't want anyone to go through what I went through. The entire building is infested. When I steamed, the walls bled, literally.

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