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During the end of June 2011, I encounter bedbugs on my son's bed and livingroom furniture. I reported the incident to my landlord, July 2, 201, when he came to fix my bathroom sink, which is still out of order. My landlord, stated he knows nothing about bedbugs and how they got there. I stated I dont's know anything and how they got there; but, he has to do something. So, I mailed he copies of pages from the Yellow Pages for an exterimater, no response. Then, I saw him in front of my apart

ment building and I told him about the sink. He stated he would check on it. He entered my apartment with two other adults, which he did not discuss with me, when he saw I left my building. The landlord asked if someone was in the apartment. I stated my son. I called my son to check if the landlord came to the apartment and my son informed me that the landlrod had two people looking in my kitchen and my son's room. I called the landlord and asked him, why are you showing someone my apartment. He stated he did not enter my apartment, then he stated the two people with him were Real Estate broker's.

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