254 Monroe St
Brooklyn, NY 11216-1406

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-=This report is for 254a Monroe, not 254=- Though there was an incident in August '09 with one room in the house (after a move from a building with bedbugs), DIY treatment was applied and seemed to work. However, two members of the house noticed bites beginning in July '10, during the heat wave, and determined by July 9th that there were bedbugs in at least two of the rooms (on two different floors), including the room which had them the year before. Mattresses were thrown out, clothes were h

eated and bagged, books were frozen. The rooms hit first took the most precautions, but responses varied throughout the house and may have contributed to a greater spread. As the problem seemed to spread to all three floors of the co-op, an exterminator was called in, after back-and-forth negotiations with the landlord (who eventually was willing to pay for an extermination). Every room and hallway was treated on July 20th, with a second treatment to kill remaining eggs to happen the second week of August. No new bites since the extermination, but one live bedbug was spotted July 31st on a mattress that had not been thrown out.

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