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Found 2 reports:

Early September 2009, had Advanced K9 Detectives visit to inspect for BB as no BB sitings in almost 3 months. The dog found none; we are all clear!

Early March 2009 my partner woke up with several welts on his arm in a row, he felt something on him and found a bug just below him on the floor. After checking with WHAT'S THAT BUG? (a favorite site of ours for identifying insects) he was able to identify the bug as a bed bug. Our landlord was responsive, however I seriously question the ability and skill of the exterminator who came. He seemed okay at first (but what do we know, he's supposed to be the expert). He laid down some poison, we

found very few bugs and thought after getting rid of our mattress, which we sealed before disposing) we had miraculously beaten the bugs in one swoop.

Late May 2009, strange but found a single BB on ceiling of bedroom, found no other evidence and considered it a fluke. Oh so very naive.

June 2009, during one of our frequent examining/vacuuming/all around paranoid cleaning of the apartment found 2 BB in couch and 1 in pillowcase on bed. Asked for exterminator to return, was told we needed to pay for a follow up, which he had said was free before. Landlord agreed to pay just get them out. Found ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNS OF BB during extermination! Two days later, unable to sleep BB start climbing out of the sofa at 2am. After wrapping sofa in ridiculous amount of tarp and tape dispose of. Crossing our fingers that the nightmare is finally over.

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