267 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215-1001

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I was on the 3rd floor, queen bedroom. This was the one that had the handicap doorbell.

I felt an itchiness on my upper left arm.
I had about a dozen bites.

I found two bed bugs and smashed them.

I reported this to the front desk clerk. I was told that I could be contacted by the manager. I declined and told them that it was for the sake of future guests that I reported this.

I was in a different room on the 2nd floor the night before and had no problem. I was moved

to the 3rd floor because I had two separate reservations with two payment methods.

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August 3-6, 2010, my husband and I stayed at the Super 8 Motel at 267 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn. We had booked a room prior to flying in to NY from out of town... I had researched the web re: bugs at this hotel before coming. We had a room on the first floor. Immediately after we arrived, I stripped the bed and carefully checked for bedbugs... I found one under the fitted sheet, near the head of the bed.

We went to discuss this with the lobby personnel and they told us we could go upstairs to a

different room. They did not offer us a discount and would not allow us to get a refund and go elsewhere. Since we were unable to go elsewhere we went upstairs. We are not smokers and our room upstairs was clearly a smokers' room... also the bed/room were smaller than the size we had paid for in our original booking... but the hotel was very clean and brand-new looking. We stayed in the 4th floor room for 4 nights and did not encounter any bugs there, nor did we have signs of bites.

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