960 Sterling Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11213-2518

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In July 2011 we found a bed bug in my roommate's bed. We couldn't find any other traces other than bites on her arm but we had the apartment treated. The pest control company seemed to believe they were possibly coming through the wiring. We asked the management company to search other apartments. We heard others in the building talk of hearing of bed bugs in neighboring apartments. After one year, We are still paranoid!

"In the last few days I’ve noticed (and flushed) a couple of bedbugs in my bathroom. I’ve inspected my bed and fortunately bedbug free. Finding them in the bathroom leads me to think they are migrating to my apartment via the plumbing from another place/apartment. Around a month ago a flyer was posted in the building asking the residents to report bedbug issues to the building’s management. Is the building infested? Are other apartments experiencing bedbugs? Has the building been inspected

? Please share your info and recommendations."


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