656 Metropolitan Ave
New York, NY 11211

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So my roommate and I live on the 5th floor of 656 Metropolitan and are subletting from the leaseholder. There have been bed bugs in the apartment before I moved in (supposedly from tourists who were subletting one room). I haven't been bitten, but my roommate has and we are worried the bites are from bed bugs. I haven't seen any or any remnants of them but have only been living in the building for less than a month.

I've heard confirmation that there are definitely bed bugs in the building. T

hey are certainly NOT more attracted to "dirtier" or "filthier" people - just human blood. The commenter who posted that nonsense earlier on this site clearly hasn't done their homework or maybe has a financial stake in making sure the building doesn't get a bad reputation.

If you are checking out an apartment in this building, I certainly would not move in. It's just not worth the risk - you may not have them but if you do it's quite a time-consuming process to get rid of them, not to mention expensive (with dry cleaning your sweaters and jackets).

Ah, got to love NYC.

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In regards to anonymous in 1C. I live above that apartment and have so for 5 years. Neither me or my roommate have ever had bedbugs. We have never had carpeting so therefore could not have had it removed. This story is completely fabricated. I am sorry you are dirty and have bugs. I hope that you find a way to not be a filthy person.

During the summer in July of '09 my roommate had a series of bites. She found bedbugs in her bed which apparently came from our neighbors upstairs (above 1C). They had had the problem for a looong time, but never had the situation remedied. It was bad up there, a great deal of their furniture had to be chucked and the carpets were pulled off the floors. Needless to say, it was quite noisy up there with the refinishing of the floors. We had an exterminator come into our place and her mattress was

sprayed and covered with one of those plastic bags. I have never had a problem in my room (fingers crossed). The incident certainly made it a stressful summer.

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Apt 5f I had an exterminator come in and he found bedbug eggs and evidence of bedbugs. I have been bitten countless times and have killed a few in my sleep.

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