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I'm pretty sure my room, room 502, had bedbugs. I spent the first night there. No problem. The second night I remember waking up often, feeling very itchy, scratching a lot but trying to get some sleep. I woke up the next morning, found bug bites on my right shoulder and back. I told the front desk and they told me they'd have it taken care of and that it was the first they'd heard of bedbugs at their place and that they use a special chemical to prevent bedbugs. As soon as I got home I put all

my stuff in plastic bags and put the bags out on our porch. I then washed some clothes and dry cleaned others, being sure to tell the dry cleaner I may have been in a room with bedbugs, and then kept all the other stuff on the porch in the bags for a little over two weeks. I wasn't sure they were bed bug bites until my girlfriend checked the ones on my back and told me there were three and they were aligned in a row as is typical of bed bug bites. I found 5 in total.

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