373 S 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-6514

Found 3 reports:


The building was extensively treated and the problem no longer exists. There have been no reports in months

Does anyone have an update on the bedbug situation in this apartment building?

Nice, clean building--but, unfortunately, one side of the building was infested (spread from 1 tenant) while the other side has absolutely no problems.

First incident(s)happened in late May. The owner treated the affected unit(but with the regular exterminator) and he ignored surrounding units, so they spread through cracks in walls.

Having learned more about bed bugs, the owner switched exterminators in July to a top notch company. He has treated the infested units. And as units empty i

n the building, he treats and caulks for prevention.

Honestly, they are doing everything possible to rid the building of bugs. But they may want to start by enforcing tenants not bring items in from the street.

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No nearby bug reports