331 Keap St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-6409

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Bed bug bites started halfway through September '10. Cleaned and tried catching them for 2 weeks before the exterminator came and fumigated. Fumigation didn't work, bites continued and bed bugs found a week later.

Moved in April 1 (2 bedroom 6th FLR). My roommate actually took over a lease from someone who said she was moving due to a 'family emergency'. They said they had no problems with bedbugs. Notice I was getting bit about mid/late April. Had an exterminator come, found nothing. I had found nothing. Still skeptical I bought the Protect-A-Bed coverings. End of May I finally found them at 3:30 am. Exterminator came the next day.

My theory is that they were either there before or we got them from th

e movers. I had been at my previous apartment for two years w/o bug issues. My roommate had/has no problems. No other tenants reported problems. Just my room. My stay was always temporary because I was buying an apartment. Now I'm worried sick about bringing them to my new, CLEAN apartment.

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