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I got them as well for a second time. My first incident was in November. I was clear within a month and a half. Everything has been fine until I found two live ones on my bed 8/17. I too heard there was a larger infestation in an older persons apt and that it has been gutted because of it. It would appear that this apt also lead to the migration? I have asked for a full report on all infestations with the past year and to have a dog come ans sniff my unit. The property manager has said he is loo

king into purchase blk bead covers, education and a full building sweep (which the exterminators have confirmed)...I contemplated moving out, but there is no certainty that where I move wont have the same issue. I am going to try and beat them again, but it is certainly a heavy mental/financial/sociological burden to carry.

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Bedbugs got me! August 7th. I have been here for 4yrs and never saw one until now. Apparently the apt down the hall had them for a while and the tenant didn't do anything about it! The tenant left and the management brought in exterminators as protocall, so they say, and that's when they were discovered. Management decided to renovate that unit and very soon after, I got bit as well as my neighbors. Exterminator came twice within a week and the problem is yet to be resolved. Hopefully mana

gement will exterminate entire building and not individual units. I am extremely allergic to these pest and quite freaked out. Ive lost tons of sleep and missed many days of work because of this nightmare. I have asked for documented history of bedbugs in this building, which is a legal right in nyc, but have not gotten one yet. I am thinking of moving out, being responsible and clean of bedbugs before I do of course.

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