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Apartment #18. Apparently had been coming in from neighbors (19?) who had the problem for over a year. First bitten in june 2008, then not for a while, assumed it was spider bites or mosquito bites. Then severe and repeated bites began happening exactly 7 months later. Then one night I identified one and the process began.

The exterminator said the neighbors had never properly dealt with the issue and didn't clean or dispose of items the exterminator identified as a problem (specifically a ru

g). The apartment was sprayed 3 times during my stay and once when I left. This was all in a single year. I am highly allergic so their presence was always obvious and they positively been there before each spray.

The landlord was upset, but took care of everything. I knew of 2 other neighbors on floors below that also got their places sprayed.

Myself and two other room mates lived there over that time and none of us had bed bugs in our new homes. I've stayed in touch with my old neighbors and they haven't mentioned the bugs since.

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