100 S 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-5505

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Apt. 4F

We moved in at the beginning of February 2011, and one of us started getting bites immediately, and it took about a week till everyone else was getting them. We got the exterminator to come, but we were still getting bites two days later. We haven't been able to live in the apartment it is so bad, and are breaking our lease. We were going to report after we officially got out, but we found out they are already showing the apartment, so we wanted to get this information out there.

We contacted the previous tenants, who said they had had bedbugs September 2010, and that an exterminator had come twice for them. The exterminator who came for us said he could tell there had been nesting in the wood construction that our rooms are made out of.

If anyone is planning on moving into this apartment, 4F, we suggest not doing so unless the management is willing to tear down the plywood construction and put in new pressurized walls for you. That may solve the problem, unless the infestation is in the physical walls themselves.

If they try to tell you that the bedbug problem has been taken care of in this apartment, they are lying.

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