282 S 2nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-5412

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The infestation previously reported was taken care of. I lived in 1D when the infestation took place, and the exterminator sprayed and followed up twice. Both of my roommates and I covered our mattresses and box springs with mattress covers (the ones with the zippers), although I was the only one who was affected by the bed bugs. I washed all of my clothes, curtains-- everything that I thought could be infested-- as well as cleaned the legs of my furniture and bed frame, filled cracks in floor,

etc. The bugs did come from the neighbor below who also was fumigated. I lived there a couple more years, and had no more problems. I've even moved with the same furniture and have had no problems. This leads me to believe we beat them.

HOWEVER--During the whole ordeal the exterminator told me that many people would not allow him to fumigate their apartments--people that have lived there for decades. The landlord even was paying for it, so cost was not the issue. They just toss their mattresses, or deal with it, I guess. I still notice mattresses on the street quite often in that area a lot, so I suppose just beware. Bed bugs do migrate.

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Bedbugs were in 1D a few years ago. I believe it was taken care of. Got them from the apt. below where the tenant mistook bedbugs for hives.

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