181 Powers St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-4921

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Rented a room here in late 2009. There seem to be bedbugs in all rooms, and the tenants at the time didn't seem to care. The place is a big, warehouse-type building; old with high ceilings. Seems like it'd be nearly impossible to get rid of bedbugs completely.

You guys lived like fuckin animals, i'm shocked bed bugs was all you had. The homeless live cleaner than you.

July 1, 2010. #1R...too bad I couldnt tell you what room they are in. The apartment is enormous and they are literally in all 5 bedrooms. sweet misery.
Im just sitting here in my computer chair and randomly getting bit.
I laid in my bed for 5 minutes and there are 4 bites on my upper back.
We are infested. Exterminators are coming Friday to spray, like so many times before. Like The other guy said, who knows if this will even get rid of them forever. Its not worked in the past.

We had them in 1R a few months ago. Rid my room of them by washing and bagging all the clothes in hot water, getting rid of box spring, spraying everything and sealing cracks and holes. However, the apartment is quite large and I don't know whether they've been eradicated completely. I am not susceptible to bites, but my girlfriend is and she received a few suspect bites in bed last week. The problem may have returned.

Activity seemed to pick up with construction on the building next door

(to the west). They are gut-renovating it and did a massive fumigation, which also drove roaches into our apartment.

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