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I've lived in Apartment 20 here for just over a year now. In January (I think) of 2008, I started getting bites in small patches all over my body. I was told it might just be "dust mites" but after looking into it further, washing all of my bedding, clothing and etc, there was no other explanation other than bed bugs (ugh).

It was terrible. I had to live with it until the exterminators had a chance to come and deal with the situation. I had to bag up everything I owned, and so did my roommate

even though she didnt have them in her bed. The exterminators came early one s=Saturday morning and we were told to stay out of the apartment for at least 6 hours.

I came back to find my apartment looking as if it had been ransacked; mattress and bed frame flipped, etc.

It was a small price to pay to get rid of the bugs.

Little did I know they would return not long after (i found a couple last night in my bathroom?? weird)

So...im dealing with it again...Sucks!

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I noticed small strange bites in a patch on my elbow at the 2nd week of November, 2006. They were itchy and hard and not like mosquito bites. I wondered if they were bedbugs so did some online research. I checked everywhere but saw nothing. I finally saw a bug crawling across my mattress in the wee hours of the morning on December 9th after turning on the light to get a drink. Because I had done previous research I recognized it right away as a bed bug!

I have alerted the Superintendent & own

er of the co-op building I live in. I found out someone else in an apartment several floor up also had reported having them, though I'm not sure when. Now I'm concerned the whole building is infested! I discussed this with the building owner who, luckily, lives in the same building. The exterminator is being called tomorrow. Sleeping at a friends till the exterminator comes.

I've spent a lot of money washing EVERYTHING I own and it is now all sitting in sealed plastic bags till the exterminator has done their thing. My mattress & pillows have all been bagged and disposed of with signage saying "BEDBUGS - DO NOT TAKE HOME!" I am staying at a friends till then as well. This SUCKS!

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