341 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-4709

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Bed bugs - October 2015 - Apt #11

Landlord didn't seem to care that much and wanted me to try treating it by just washing my bed linens in hot water but I knew better and wanted to call in the exterminators. They are doing 3 treatments and the bed bugs seem to have disappeared for now. I put the mattress/box spring cases on and laundered every article of clothing/linen. Spent a lot of money on sprays and buying new under the bed storage containers. I'm just hoping no one else in the building

has them because that could turn out to be a way bigger problem.

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187 union ave

Apartment 6. I moved into this place in January 09. It wasn't long before I was being bitten. I hired a professional with a K9 dog. Not only did I have them in Apt 6 but the K9 also alerted to the superintendants apartment and the one across from this. DO NOT MOVE HERE! You may think you are getting a good deal...at first. I have spent $1400 of my own money on a QUALIFIED exterminator and a load of supplies to quarantine everything I own. The battle is not over for me ):

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