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My two roommates and I moved into apartment 4D on August 1, 2010. About two weeks later I noticed bites on my body and I suspected I might have bedbugs. I pulled up my mattress to see two scampering away from me. We immediately called our landlord who sent an exterminator out, but the exterminator just sprayed the walls and all of our stuff-- without moving anything or inspecting to see where they were-- and the bugs came back a few days later. A friend who slept on our couch then told us she ha

d been bit, so apparently they moved to the living room as well. The exterminator came again and repeated the same haphazard spraying. A few days later I was still being bitten, so I decided to sleep on the couch. Then I woke up in the middle of the night to see a bedbug on my leg. This was two nights ago. My roommates still have not had problems in their rooms, but we don't want to wait around until they do. Our landlord has been totally lax about dealing with the problem, the exterminator has been pretty much incompetent and our lives are currently a nightmare. We're actively looking into breaking our lease and moving out.

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As a follow up, I'd like to add that it has been two months since posting on here and I still have not been bitten or seen any bed bugs in a while.

My roommate and I moved into 300 South 3rd St, Apartment 1F (on the 6th floor) in Brooklyn, NY 11211 in January 2009. The first time I saw a bug in my bed was February 11, 2009. I have a saved gmail chat with a friend in which I report to her that I just killed what looked like a bed bug. My roommate, however, unable to accept this harsh truth, convinced me I was mistaken and that it must have been something else. His friend told me that if I lifted my mattress and didn't see black dots of fecal

matter, then I didn't have them.
Fast forward to July 2009 and I have a full blown infestation. We waited until then to do anything about it. Huge mistake. I was getting bit all over, and so was my boyfriend whenever he stayed over. I would lift up my bed and see bugs. I would feel them crawling on me at night. Etc...
My roommate never once got bit or saw one. Our apartment is TINY.
Since then we've washed all of our clothes, dry cleaned, washed the apartment, had an exterminator come 4 or 5 times. Kept everything in garbage bags. I got a new bed with encasements.
Now it is October, and since I put the legs of my metal bed frame in cups of oil, and made sure it is not touching the wall, I have not been bitten. However I have recently found dead (seemingly - they can be dormant for 6 months or something??) ones in my dresser, and eggs in my bed/on my body.

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