314 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-4244

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This building - or parts of it, at least - is home to a fairly serious infestation.

After a few weeks of living here I saw bugs crawl out from under fixtures and gaps in the crown molding. A few months in, I had a full-on infestation in my apartment.

The management is aware of the problem. Once a month an exterminator shows up and sprays. This did little if anything to remediate the situation in my home, and I have since moved out.

My advice: If you are going to live here, get a very,

very good rate, and don't bring anything into the building that you aren't more than happy to trash.

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Bedbugs have been seen in at least one of the top floor apartments.

The entire building is infested. The landlord has hired someone to treat the units, but many residents have expressed that they are not interested in the treatments. at least 7 of the units have confirmed cases of bbugs.

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