436 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3427

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Recurring bed bug problems over four months. Landlord did not cooperate and put the problem off until it was too late. Moved out. Sorry to anybody who has to live here--saw mattresses on the side of the road by 436 just the other day.

The building had bed bugs a year ago before we moved in. Then sometime in 2011, Apt 2L got bugs again, but the landlord responded by just sending bed bug spray for a while. Their infestation got really bad an exterminator was sent in. The exterminator started off by just spraying Apt 2L in early October 2011. The landlord asked the exterminator to get in touch with the other apartments to see if they had any problems, but did not give us a heads up or give the exterminator our phone numbers, so

we received no contact from anyone - the landlord, exterminator or even our NEIGHBORS - to tell us that the building was infested.

Shortly after they first sprayed 2L, the bugs spread to the other three apartments in the building.

The exterminator only works for our landlord in his time off, so he does not have time to address the problem properly. It was 2 weeks after we first found bugs that we were sprayed, and then another 3 weeks after that before we were sprayed again. He is unable to spray all apartments on one day.

After one spraying, the bed bugs were eradicated from Apt 2R and Apt 3L. However,after several sprayings, the situation has improved in Apt 2L but is still there, and the bugs have also persisted in our Apt 3R . We are now probably going to move into 3L, hoping that apartment is sealed better.

So be warned if you try to move into this building!

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