94 Havemeyer St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3340

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building is infested, do not move into this building!!!!!!!!!!!

Bedbugs reported on the 5th floor of this building. Family had an infant and had to move out because of the bug bites!

Began noticing what I thought were a mixture of spider and mosquito bites 9/26/09. Got freaked after about a week. Called landloard on 10/2/09. Inspected mattress and couch and was unable to see any signs of them. Vacuumed baseboards, nooks and crannies of mattress and encased mattress. BE WARY OF DENIAL! The exterminator unexpectedly showed up the morning of 10/3/09, but like atypical New Yorker I was headed out the door--lulled into a false sense of security told him I wasn't interested in hav

ing my apartment inspected. Bite free until 10/22/09 when I noticed two fresh bites on my neck. Still in denial, I shrugged it off until I began getting more bites on 10/27. I called the landlord again and he was extremely helpful. Exterminator made his first visit on 10/31 (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!). He found two of the little buggers (one adult and one young). He told me to start bagging. I wasn't prepared at all. Cats went into the bathroom and he hit my bedroom with a ton of spray. Spent the next two nights at a friend's place (after having meticulously washed my travel bag and everything I wore with hot water, dried in a dryer for 40 minutes). Next set of bites on 11/3. I threw out my wooden bed frame and dresser. Purchased a steel bed. Began calking cracks and patching any holes I found. Scheduled a second round of spraying on 11/7. This time cats went for a bath at the vet and then to a friend's place. He hit the whole place this time. Again, I spent the next two nights at a friend's place. After my first night back I noticed mascara-like marks on my bedsheets but no noticable bites. Next morning there were two pinpoint bites on my thigh about an inch and a half away from one another and a small spot of blood on my sheets. Called the landlord again and third extermination scheduled for tomorrow. I'm encouraged by the fact that the bites have gotten smaller. My ritual these days: fresh clothes from zip-lock bags before I leave the house and STEAM everything I'm going to wear that I can't launder (coat, boots, etc.) This week I've been steaming the visible area of the encasement and putting fresh sheets and blanket on every night. Vacuumed last night and put tape over the opening in the bag and wrapped vacuum in a plastic bag. I've been sleeping with the lights on since the last bites and have had no more since (last night the lightes went out around 4am so I am a little bit hopeful). Also steaming areas where the cats chill out. I must add that the landlord was fantastic. One plus out of this experience...I've gotten to know more of my neighbors...started talking to everyone and asked them if they'd had any weird bites. As a result, more units got inspected and three other units received treatments. I must say that the landlord was very responsive and accomodating. Please--don't be in denial. If you notice any bites, get an inspection. The worst thing that could happen is that they tell you there's no problem. And if you live in NYC, put an encasement on your mattress before you have a problem. Peace.

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Lived in this building for 4 years. The summer of 2008 I had a new roommate come in...and he brought bedbugs. Took about 2 months before they made it to my room. He said he never noticed because he though they were "mosquitos". Don't know if they spread but the landlord was cool and brought someone in. Noticed after the treatment they were still crawling around so I moved away immediately.Heard they brought in new tenants right after me. Poor building...I loved it so!

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