135 N 6th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3290

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I got bugs. Still. They itch. I'm going insane.

i am the girl that shannon mentioned in her 2006 report. the building is infested. the exterminator told me he's been going there for years and the only solution is to gut the entire building and rebuild. do not move into 135 north 6th street. the experience was traumatizing.

Had bed bugs in my apartment. I called a company called Bed Bug 911 after I did some research and realized that I wanted to find a company that would treat all my laundry. Bed Bugs can live on clothes and other linens. Bed Bug 911 was one of the only companies that would take all clothes, bedding, linens, etc. and have them cleaned or dry cleaned at a cheap rate. It also saved money cause I didn't have to throw out all my stuff, some of which was pretty expensive. Most laundry mats wont touch an

y laundry that has been near bed bugs, which I understand but I want them gone. The Bed Bug laundry was cleaned and the necessary items were dry cleaned. Once the job was done, they brought back all the laundry nice and folded. It was a huge help. The laundry service was done so professionally and was a huge help during this headache. Bed Bug 911 is also coming back for a follow up. Good company to call.

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I'm in 4R...there are still bedbugs here...I hate them.

Exterminator twice...haven't seen even one in about 3 weeks...but I know they're still there.

my neighbor in 2R knocked on my door in october warning me about bedbugs because she had found one and had many bites. i searched my apartment but found nothing. until this weekend when i saw a live one on my wall. on saturday night i saw the girl from 2R moving out! she said an exterminator had come twice to her apt and it didnt help and they were starting to fall from the ceiling. (!!) so now im pretty freaked out and want to move out also.

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