184 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3123

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Please be assured that the building has proactively handled any issue of this nature and we are pleased to report that there have been no cases of bedbugs at 184 Kent Ave since October 30th, 2010.

Since this time, all apartments, prior to a new Resident moving in, have been given a proactive inspection by a licensed vendor who specializes in bed bug detection, and who owns a K-9 which is trained to detect and alert its master if any live bed bug is found.

The certificate for each apart

ment home, showing that it was inspected inbetween residents prior to the move in date, is available to each incoming Resident on move in day. Furthermore, we fully disclose the 12-month full bedbug history to each Resident as an addendum to each and every Lease Agreement, on the required NYC Disclosure Form, as specified for all buildings by NYC law.

We perform inspections of the common areas regularly. We also encourage any Resident who thinks he or she may have bed bugs to contact Management immediately at 718 669 7003, so that we can have an inspection completed without delay.

In December of 2010, we initiated a policy in which mattresses, furniture and other household items may not be sold via our building's electronic bulletin board, as this practice could potentially allow an issue to develop. We have also sent specific instructions to our residents for mattress removal, which includes fully wrapping the item(s) in plastic sheets before bringing through the building for any reason.

We also recommend to our incoming residents our preferred moving company, Flat Rate Moving and Storage who offers bed bug fumigation as part of their moving services.

Given these facts, we are confident that the building is taking a systematic and proactive approach to help prevent the introduction of any bed bugs to our Residents' homes, and thank you for your interest.

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Does anyone have an update on this? I'm considering moving into this building.

Can the commenter please identify if this has been contained to one section of the building or is more wide-spread. What floor/wing was the infestation please?

There is a growing infestation in this building that began early in the summer. The management has hid the information from the tenants who live adjacent to the infected apartments, and this has made the infestation spread. The management (Roseland) uses an exterminator called AAMCO, who have claimed not to be experts on bed bugs, and work with them. Even after multiple treatments, one of the tenants is still getting bites and seeing bugs come through the cracks in the wall next to her bathroom

pipes. the building has not been helpful in the removal of furniture as well, and one woman, who has a newborn baby was asked not to remove her furniture, so as not to spread the bugs. However, if the building helped her move the furniture properly, or if the exterminator provided a service that properly disposed of her infested furniture, she might be able to kill all of the bugs in her apt and not perpetuate the problem which spreads to more apartments in the building. She has seen bugs on her and on her chair while nursing her newborn son.

There are more than 4 known cases currently in the building. The building has multiple common spaces which they have not treated/exterminated as well.

Another Family in the building, also with a newborn baby, hired the company Pest Away to treat their problem. Pest away told them how to treat the problem, with mattress and box spring encasements, vacuuming daily - and throwing out the vacuum bag right away, and disposing of infested furniture, as well as bagging up every book and toy.
They are currently waiting (one month) to see if the bugs return; however, if there is a problem in the building, the bugs will naturally return, unless the entire building is properly treated. Certainly the neighbors of those with infestations must be treated for bed bugs as well; however the building management is not being proactive at all.

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