189 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-2903

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This building is disgusting. Not only does the roof leak, meaning that every time it rains it looks like a giant has pissed in the hallway for four hours, but the front doors to the building have NO locks on them. NO locks. That means that any creep hanging out at Bedford and North 7th can walk into the building, and they do.

I lived there for one month before having bedbug bites. I had never had a bedbug before, but after realizing how filthy the building was, I figure it out. I called

the landlord to tell him of the situation... His only response was, "already?"

I had to WEEP on the phone to get them to send someone out. He told me someone else would have to come in 21 days or the bugs would come back. The landlord didn't arrange for it, because they don't care, obviously, and they are back.

Live here and you will be miserable.

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